25 Glasses of Wine | DAH Theatre (Serbia) | location: ZID Theater

8 mei 2022 @ 16:00
ZID Theater
De Roos van Dekamaweg 1
1061 HR Amsterdam
€10 (€7,50 with discount) or €15 for both performances

DAH Theatre (Belgrade, Serbia) comes to the Explorez Festival with two different performances. Prior to the show ‘Terra’, Dijana Milosević, the Director of DAH Theatre, gives the Lecture-Performance ’25 Casa Vina’ (25 glasses of wine), produced for the 25th anniversary of DAH in 2016. ’25 Casa Vina’ is about the use of theatre and drama as an instrument for social and political change and as a healing medium for trauma from the past.

This performance is part of a ‘Double Bill’ by DAH Theatre; after the Lecture-Performance ’25 Casa Vina’, the show ‘Terra’ will take place. The afternoon is concluded with a jam session under the direction of Odai Alhayek. The performances take place during Explorez Festival 2022 on Sunday 8 May at ZID Theater (Amsterdam).

About the company

DAH Theatre is a research center for culture and social change in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade. They are an independent and contemporary theatre company and artistic collective, which uses modern theatre techniques to create fascinating art and at the same time initiate positive social change, both locally and worldwide.

DAH Theatre Productions operate at the intersection of theatre, dance and visual arts. The productions are the result of a long-term creative process; starting with a problem or theme, continuously research is done during an extensive rehearsal process. This allows DAH Theatre to develop artistic plays with vision for a non-violent and tolerant society.

As a research center, DAH offers training opportunities for directors, actors and other artists in all theatre segments. DAH Theatre Research Center organises various projects, festivals, workshops and meetings where knowledge, experience and ideas between artists and participants from different theatrical and national traditions are exchanged. The center focuses primarily on the upbringing of younger generations and helps them discover and develop their expression in contemporary theatre and other artistic forms.

For more information, visit the website of DAH Teatar

Language: ENG


PERFORMER                                           Dijana Milosević