Brats | Studio 7 (Germany) | location: Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof

14 mei 2022 @ 14:00
Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof
President Allendelaan 3
1064 GW Amsterdam

Studio 7 (Germany) comes to The Netherlands with a location theatre performance at Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof. The performance ‘Brats’ is about Sophia, who roams through cities with her covered wagon. She collects the fleetingly discarded remnants of time and finds wordless stories for those who come after her. With grotesque slapstick and loud, brutal songs, she stumbles through the mess of other people’s dreams and unmasks the wonderful utopia of an innovative world.

The performance of Studio 7 will take place outside during Explorez Festival 2022 on Saturday 14 May at Buurtswerkplaats Noorderhof (Amsterdam). After the performance, storytellers from different corners of the world will perform at the campfire.

About the company

Studio 7 is an international theatre company from Germany. It was founded in 1992 in Cologne by director Christoph Falke as an international theatre workplace. He is a teacher at the University of Witten / Herdecke and has collaborated with the famous Odin Teatret. Since 2010, the organisation has been working with a young generation of makers in Schwerte and has realised a variety of projects in a local, regional and international context, with different target groups, such as young people and the elderly.

The performance is free of charge, but please book your tickets in advance!

For more info, visit the website of Studio 7

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Actress: Ana Patricia Marioli

Director: Christoph Falke

Production: Studio 7