Crossing Dreams | TNT/Atalaya (Spain) | location: ZID Theater

13 mei 2022 @ 20:00
: €10 (€7,50 with discount)

TNT/ATALAYA is a fabulous company from Seville, Andalusia. The performance ‘Crossing Dreams’ was created by the well-known choreographer Juana Casado and eleven young performers with a refugee history, living in Spain. The energetic performance is a combination of dance, capoeira and circus, in which the young performers, who have put their lives at risk for a better existence, share their experiences and dreams with the audience. Why did they leave their home country? How did they do that? And what do they want to accomplish in this new country?

On stage, the dancers, who come from different countries, share their personal experiences and reveal their daily problems. They emphasize the importance of personal motivation and solidarity with each other in order to start over in Spain. Their dreams guide them and give them strength, like a light in the dark.

The performance was created as part of the European project FATE (Future Academy on Tour in Europe). The opening night of this performance will take place during Explorez Festival 2022 on Friday 13 May at ZID Theater (Amsterdam). They will also perform in the OBA Oosterdok on Sunday 15 May in a double bill with the performance NO FEAR by ZID Theater.

About the company

TNT/Atalaya is an International Center for Theatre and Research, located in Seville (Spain). They have been around for about 35 years and have visited more than 600 cities and 40 countries. They are mainly active in Europe and South America and have participated in 180 international festivals.

Atalaya Teatro opened the International Center for Stage Research in the private sector in 2008. That year, TNT/Atalaya received the National Theater Prize, which was granted for the first time outside Madrid and Barcelona. Since 2016, TNT/Atalaya has been a partner of ZID Theater for various European projects, including most recently the Fate (Future Academy on Tour in Europe) project.

For more information, visit the website of TNT/ATALAYA

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PERFORMERS: Billal Siasse, Mohamed Hamo, Paula Mª Fernández Ventura,
Sanoussa Salbre, Nando Estévez, Gregory Jesús Machado Campos, Natalia Miranda, Pedro Bidón, Alejandro Castro

TEXT:  Luz Valenciano

LIGHTING: Dominique You