Explorez Festival | FATE | ZID Theater | location: ArtEZ, Zwolle

12 mei 2022 @ 12:00 – 18:00

On May 12th during the International ExploreZ Festival, the FATE project will go on tour to ArtEZ, the University of Arts in Zwolle. Both the performers of NO FEAR, the Dutch production made within the FATE project, and Crossing Dreams, the performance made by Atalaya TNT (Sevilla, Spain), will travel to the East for a full day of workshops, exchange and theatre.

As part of the program the two plays will be shown to students at the school, within the context of workshops and discussion. The rest of the day evolves around artistic exchange and international meetings. This is part of the ten days of exchange between the Dutch and Spanish participants of the FATE project, during the International ExploreZ Festival.

The performance ‘Crossing Dreams’ was created by the well-known choreographer Juana Casado and eleven young performers with a refugee history, at TNT/Atalaya teatro in Sevilla. The energetic performance is a combination of dance, capoeira and circus, through which they share their experiences and dreams. NO FEAR is a new visual and intense performance about chasing your dreams. Eleven young performers, with roots in six different countries, build on their future in a new country. It is the conclusive performance of the international trainingsprogramme FATE, produced by ZID Theater (Amsterdam). The performances will be presented together for the public, on 15 May in OBA Oosterdok.

FATE – Future Academy on Tour – is an international project, financed by Creative Europe/ EU. It offers opportunities to creative newcomers – refugees and migrants – within the cultural sector in Europe and other parts of the world. status-holders with professional experience and ambition in the performing arts are supervised for two years, resulting in a theatre production. This challenging trajectory, focused on offering opportunities to a new generation of European citizens, is being carried out in collaboration with Atalya/TNT (Spain), Social Community Theater (Italy), DAH Teatar (Serbia) and Studio 7 (Germany).

For more information, visit the website of FATE

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