NO FEAR | ZID Theater | location: Grote Kerk, Den Haag

18 juni 2022 @ 23:30
Grote Kerk
The Hague

On June 18th we celebrate World Refugee Day together with Stichting Vluchteling during the yearly Night of the Refugee, with a performance by the FATE group in Den Haag. The performers will present themselves and scenes of ‘NO FEAR’ during the start program of the 40 km sponsor march, organized in solidarity of refugees all over the globe.

NO FEAR is a vibrant and visual performance about chasing your dreams, made by participants of the FATE project in the Netherlands. Eleven young performers, with roots in six different countries, build on their future in a new country. Personal motivation, bursting energy and a versatile style, take the audience on this impressive journey.

NO FEAR is the conclusive performance of FATE, the international trainings program supported by Creative Europe/ EU and produced by ZID Theater. FATE – Future Academy on Tour – offers opportunities to creative newcomers – refugees and migrants – within the cultural sector of Europe. Status-holders with professional experience and ambition in the performing arts are supervised for two years, resulting in a theatre production. This challenging trajectory, focused on offering opportunities to a new generation of European citizens, is being carried out in collaboration with Atalya/TNT (Spain), Social Community Theater (Italy), DAH Teatar (Serbia) and Studio 7 (Germany).

For more information, visit the website of the Night of the Refugee or FATE