Review Theaterkrant Odin Teatret

Theaterkrant headlines with 'Sublime revival of Brecht's theatrical legacy' about The Great Cities under the Moon by Odin Teatret during the Explorez Festival.

Interview Explorez

Karolina Spaic, director and artistic leader of ZID Theater and curator of the ExploreZ Festival tells about the  background of ExploreZ 2018 that starts the 22th of september.

Festival Opening: The New Freedom

Festive festival opening by ZID Theater. the 23th of september, 16.00 h in Podium Mozaïek. A multidisciplinary programme posing questions about the strength of freedom in these times.

Interview with Eugenio Barba

Prior to the performance, director Eugenio Barba of Odin Teatret is interviewed, the 26th of september, 18.30 h in Theater de Meervaart.

The Great Cities under the Moon

A musical performance by the renowned Danish Odin Teatret in the vein of Bertolt Brecht the 26th of september, 20.00 h in Theater de Meervaart.

Bread & Songs

An intercultural theatrical concert in which freedom, religion, and letting go are merged. The 27th of september, 20.00 h in the OBA Theater.

Balkan kitchen

An exciting evening, mixing Balkan music and dance with other dance and music styles, delicious snacks, and theatre. The 28th september, 19.30 uu in Ru Paré.

Explorez 2018

ODIN Teatret and Eugenio Barba are coming to ExploreZ 2018.