Welcome to the International ExploreZ Festival 2021!

An introduction by Karolina Spaic, artistic director of the festival. From September 17 to October 10 you can immerse yourself in a program of fifteen performances at various locations in Amsterdam. ZID Theater produces the festival.

Trailer ExploreZ Festival 2021

See here the trailer of ExploreZ Festival 2021. The trailer is made bij our intern Juwan Jafar.

Don’t Leave me Alone | Daan Bosch & Theaterstraat

Sunday 10 October | 16.00 | Ru Paré

Intimate and vivacious music performance in which theatre maker Daan Bosch wonders how to deal with death during life. Together with musician Pascal van Hulst, performer Joop Oonk and the audience, he discovers all kinds of rituals and customs surrounding death. In his liberating search, he gradually tries to give death a better image.

ExploreZ After-Mix | festive closing 6th edition ExploreZ Festival

Sunday 10 October | 17.30 | Ru Paré

Festive closing of ExploreZ 2021, the sixth edition of the festival, with all creators and participants! With music, theatre, dance and an open stage.

Sir Dim | Forjat El Bahja ensemble

Saturday 17  & Sunday 18 September | 20.00 | ZID Theater

The comical drama Sir Dim, by the Forjat El Bahja ensemble from Morocco, examines the social problem of elderly Moroccans who are retired. “What is still worth living for?” they wonder. With star actors, who combine humour and theatricality in a sensational way.

The real chance 2# | International Inspiration Meeting

Thursday 23 September 2021 | 16.00 | online event

Online conference by cultural and artistic organisations in Europe about creating opportunities for newcomers – refugees and migrants – in the European cultural sector.

HISTORIA | Issam Zemmouri

Friday 24 September | 20.00 |  ZID Theater

In his first dance solo, choreographer and dancer Issam Zemmouri tells about a personal journey using an energetic dance style and highly poetic images. 'Can I be myself?', the traveller keeps asking himself.

The Eternal Feminine | Emily Bannister

Saturday 25 September | 21.00 |  ZID Theater

From Monteverdi to Beyoncé, the woman in art is often a creature of mythical proportions. In this interactive performance with dance, theatre and music, we follow the life of such an archetypal woman, from child to adult.

Indigenous Heritage | Eva Geia Huisman

Saturday 25 September | 20.00 | ZID Theater

In her autobiographical dance solo, Eva Geia Huisman makes connections between her Dutch roots and her origin as Aboriginal with ancestors from the Australian Torres Strait Islands.

Best of ExploreZ 2021 & The Alfabet of uncertain times

 Thursday 30 September | 20.00 | location: Podium Mozaïek

ZID Theater presents Best of Explorez 2021: short previews of the festival performances. The Alphabet of Uncertain Times by ZID Theater will also premiere. Eight performers create a dictionary with physical play and poetic images.

Sea / Woman | Maja Mitić | Ko-smo(s) Theater (Servië)

 Friday 1 October | 20.00 |  ZID Theater

International co-production by actress and theatre maker Maja Mitić (Ko-smo(s) Theater, Serbia) and director Anna Furse (Athletes of the Heart (UK)). Maja Mitić immerses herself in Ellida, character from Ibsen's The Woman of the Sea, and Ellida’s fear as a woman trapped in her socio-economic position

Rebel | Naïma Baraka

 Saturday 2 October | 20.00 | ZID Theater

A female kick boxer reveals her story and takes us along the incentives and powers of a modern-day woman. Is she a fighter, a diva or a dreamer? Or is she all in one? A physical and moving performance.

One City, Many Faces | Daan Bosch & ZID

 Sunday 3 October | 17.00 & 20:00 | Public Library Amsterdam

A dynamic musical performance filled with encounters, based on the colourful Amsterdam cityscape. Performers from different cultural backgrounds and art disciplines represent the many people who live in the city. Which leads to sizzling confrontations.

The Alfabet of Uncertain Times | ZID Theater

Friday 8 October | 20.00| Vondelkerk |

In ZID’s new theatrical performance, eight actors use their physical play and poetic images to create a dictionary in which language, image and movement merge. Poet Vivian Deekman wrote new work especially for The Alfabet, which she will also perform.

The Art of Hope | open stage FATE, TONE & Artez

Saturday 9 October | 20.00 | ZID Theater

ZID Theater opens its doors and the stage for an evening with short performance dance, music and theater around the theme The Art of Hope. Participants of the FATE project (Future Academy Tour - - Creative Europe), TONE project (Talents of New Europe- Erasmus+) and students of Artez join forces around the theme of ExploreZ: hope in all its manifestations.